L.U.K.E. is an acronym. Each letter represents another teaching component of the instructional video presentation.
Luke 18:1 reads, “men ought always to pray.”
LUKE 18:1 addresses LUKE JOHNN’S continuing spirituality and his faith, which despite the adversity and challenges in life that he has confronted, he has remained undaunted, faithful and prayerful.
Each video segment presents LUKE JOHNN displaying his talent and technique that is used by him to teach his student. His presentations include interesting and informative discourses complemented by a display of his unique drumming and percussion artistry. His technique is the culmination of years of training, skill, practice, passion and experience.
L = Lore and learning
  • LUKE JOHNN relates lore and stories from his “background” that highlights the instructional technique that will be presented in the video to the student. Playing an instrument is a learning experience. The history of the diverse pieces of equipment to be used as part of the instructional drum and percussion lessons will be explored. (e.g. drum stick, drum, cymbals, etc.).
U = Understanding
  • LUKE JOHNN explains how music is created, how the drum meshes with other musical band instruments, and the mechanics of how sound interplays with the technique to be presented to the student. This fundamental understanding remains an essential component of developing a student’s skills and appreciation for the craft.
K – Know-how
  • LUKE JOHNN gives instructional lessons to the student, which is presented in real time, slow motion, and then real time again. One is able to visually dissect the application of the technique being taught.
  • The student learns to apply the technique as LUKE JOHNN provides further personal correction to improve the student’s style and technique.
  • The student develops the know-how to grow with each new shared technique.
E – Example
  • Luke revisits the opening video clip for this session.
  • One is able to compare and assess the student’s improved skill level as the student learns to integrate the components of the newly introduced technique.
  • A comparison between the opening video clip and a video clip that captures the student’s newly acquired drumming and percussion technique is an example of what other students may learn from LUKE JOHNN.

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