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“There are at least 40 fundamental patterns and combinations about which every drummer should learn and strive to develop proficiency in their application. In addition to patience and practice, becoming a good drummer requires learning the fundamentals from a skilled instructor. The fundamental patterns and combinations include Single Stroke, Rolls  & Ghost notes. They are referred to as Rudiments.”



METRONOME:  A metronome is a toll that precisely clicks at the specified tempo. There are a couple of types of metronomes. The old or original type is called a pendulum, whereas the modern versions are now  computerized or digital.


bbbb.psdQUIPS & QUOTES


Open & closed roll

The Five Stroke – Roll

> The Seven

> The Nine

> The Thirteen

> The Fifteen

> The Seventeen &

Make a buzz roll for closed roll.


bbbb.psdQUIPS & QUOTES